Our Vision

“Give a person a fish, they’ll eat for a day; 
Teach a person to fish and they’ll eat for a lifetime.”

Learning Labs believes true learning comes from doing. Experiential and Immersive Learning is the cornerstone that the company is built on.  Leveraging powerful VR (Virtual Reality) / AR (Augmented Reality) technology, combined with the latest learning techniques, Learning Labs provides a learning experience like no other company.

Learning Labs works closely with employers, government and industry associations to ensure we’re meeting the digital workforce demands of industry.  Built on an Agile corporate philosophy, the company is committed to meeting current workforce needs, while evolving rapidly to stay abreast of new technological advancements.

Training for the digital workforce

Each job in the technology industry creates $400,000 in economic activity

Our Team

Meet the members of the Learning Labs team.

Steven Taylor
Steven Taylor
Co-Founder, CEO

Steve is a technology ambassador, innovator, thought leader and executive entrepreneur.  A graduate of  Biochemistry and Electrical Engineering at Memorial University, Steve has been featured in Progress Magazine as one of the “Top People to Watch”.  With more than 17 years experience in the tech start-up and digital transformation space, Steve has co-founded 3 technology companies and numerous other businesses.

Craig Tucker
Craig Tucker

Craig Tucker is a senior executive specializing in the area of corporate communications, market development and strategy. Craig is the former Managing Partner of Group M5 where he helped to guide the organization and its employees through tremendous growth and development for fifteen years. Craig currently owns numerous business ventures including Crossbeam Education which owns a portfolio of companies including the franchise system of Keyin College, Learning Labs, and IDI.

Deanne Green
Deanne Green
Director, Learning Operations

With an exceptional combination of skills and experience in science, education and business, Deanne is uniquely qualified to lead our Learning Operations team – and she does it with enthusiasm and creativity. A seasoned senior manager with a track record of success in Health Care, Pharmaceuticals and IT Solutions, Deanne is also an expert on Learning Management Systems and the latest training and education systems. Deanne’s extensive experience is underpinned by degrees in Education and Mathematics from Memorial, along with an MBA from St. Mary’s.

Will Durocher
Will Durocher
Learning Engineer

Will operates at the intersection between technology, innovation and education. He has a decade of experience in post-secondary education, online learning, and e-learning development. He is an international, award winning educator for his pioneering work on VR enabled education. In Fall 2018 he became the first person to teach an accredited college course live in social virtual reality. Will has produced both high-quality online training, and completed an extensive list of projects in the VR space for clients including Ontario Power Generation, Northern College, and Lambton College.

Rod Budgell
Rod Budgell
Chief Strategist

Rod spent his entire professional career applying his research-based strategic marketing skills as a leader with Atlantic Canada’s largest marketing /communications organization: Group M5. Today, Rod brings over 30 years of planning, communication and visual production knowledge to the clients of Learning Labs. Rod’s uncanny ability to leverage his analytical and communications skillsets to guide the development of compelling visual learning experiences makes him a core contributor to our projects.

Elizabeth Tucker
Client Services

Elizabeth joined the Learning Labs team and with her, brought over a decade of experience in client management and service, corporate training and curriculum development. In her 15 years with Keyin College, Elizabeth worked with government and the private sector ensuring post-secondary training was relevant, qualified and current. Directly responsible for corporate initiatives throughout the province, Elizabeth worked with campus principals and staff to communicate issues and procedures directly to senior management and devise immediate solutions to ensure success for all clients.

Donnie Martin
Donnie Martin
Creative Director

An exceptional eye for conceptual development and graphic design have been Donnie’s strongest attributes while excelling in a series of senior creative roles for almost 25 years with Group m5. Today, as General Manager of the graphics division of Learning Labs, Donnie combines his creative flair and industry knowledge to provide creative oversight from concept to graphic design to final art.

Our Offerings

Learning Labs offers a suite of services to address virtually any skills development need.  The Learning Labs team has decades of experience in creating educational solutions, ranging from skills gap analysis through to program development, content design and program delivery.  This accumulated knowledge and insight has been the leading force behind the development of Learning Labs core offerings

Skills Development Programs

Ensuring that people and teams have the right skills is fundamental to the success of any organization.  Knowing any potential gaps is critical to fixing any issues.  Learning Labs works with its clients to identify skills gaps, develop a solution and ultimately providing training to address the gaps.

Virtual Reality (VR) Solutions

The award winning team at Learning Labs is on the forefront of this rapidly emerging technology. VR is an immersive technology.  Learning is an immersive experience.  Learning Labs is combining these two axioms to create a world class learning platform.

Curriculum Digitalization

As the pace of online learning continues to accelerate, more institutions are moving curriculum online. Learning Labs makes this process easy and efficient – working with partners in public and private Education to move their programs to online (or hybrid) course offerings.


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